About us

Founded in 1992, the company initially produced only simple rayon greige known as rayon charlie to fulfill the market demand at that time. With the purchase of new air jet looms coupled with factory expansion, BNP is able to capture the market trend for more complex greige.

We work together with our customers in trying out new design as we support innovation by accepting trial orders. We currently manufacture greige for apparel and industrial use. Some of our weaving capabilities  are:

  • Using vast range of raw material. Spun or filament Polyester, Cotton (Open End, Carded, Combed), Rayon, Tetron Cotton (TC), Chief Value Cotton (CVC), Tetron Rayon (TR), Core Spun Yarn (CSY), Tencel, etc.

  • We also could produce greige fabric using polyester recycle yarn.
  • Diverse yarn count ranging from 3s – 80s.

  • Vast range of grey width and grey length per piece. We could weave up to 90” for width and 3,500 meter for grey length per piece.

  • We have several options for packaging. The 3 most common for packing is Bale, Roll and Pallet packing.


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