Production is divided into Preparation Stage and Weaving Stage. Preparation Stage prepares warp yarn so that it could be woven smoothly. Weaving Stage produces our final product which will be sent to inspection center before packing.

Flow production


This is the first stage of Preparation. Main process of warping is to wind yarn from cones/bobbin to beam. Product of this stage is called Warping Beam.


Second stage of Preparation. Warp needs to be strengthened as it will face harsh treatment on loom. The warp is strengthened by running it through sizing solution, thus creating a thin layer of protection on the yarn. Product of this stage is called Sizing Beam.


Third stage of Preparation.

Weave pattern is set on this stage. Warp is drawn through dropper and gun to a predetermined frame sequence. Warp is then combed through the reed. Drawing in process is done manually.

In an instance that the warp on the loom is running out, we could minimize loom loss time by knotting a new set of warp using tying machine. This practice save a lot of time when compared to re-drawing-in.


Main stage of Production. The efficiency of the weaving stage is highly influenced by the preparation stages. We are using Toyota JAT series to weave high quality greige.


BNP uses Japanese standard 10-point system to determine fabric grade. We inspect all of our greige instead of using random sampling. Our inspection stations include white light booth and UV light booth.


Our warehouse is divided to several areas such as yarn warehouse, sizing agent warehouse and greige warehouse. Greige will be packed as per customer request at the warehouse. Packing that is widely used is Bale, Roll and Pallet.